A question repeatedly asked by potential new clients; and sharing one of our #ExcelEQ dealers responses when someone says “…your competitors product”, I kindly reply “We don’t have competition”. Which is true and it’s all in the labeling. We’re very open about our product and display all information within the label so there’s no question about the supplements formula.

We’re often asked the question, “Why Is Excel Supplements different from the other Omega Supplements?”

Why we believe we don’t have competition:

  1. UNIQUE BLEND: Look at our ingredients & try to replicate them…you’re not even going to come close. We don’t just have ingredients, we have a UNIQUE proprietary blend of 9 different #Camelina Varietals, that were developed by our research team. When we added Pumpkin Seed Oil, we upped our ante by providing undeniable digestive care and immune response.
  2. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Excel Supplements is a team made up of scientists & horsemen. Constantly testing and researching the Camelina Seed, discovering how different seeds work best together maximizing the product throughout the Equine & K9 body.
  3. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Excel Supplements spends a lot of time and money that other companies just aren’t willing to spend because they think people don’t care to know and are only interested in cost.
  4. We believe that people do care what they feed their horses & dogs. We believe we have the highest quality ingredients, so when you feed your animals, you are not just making them healthy with a shiny coat, but you can trust that it works the best inside the body. You can feed another supplement and not much happens internally BECAUSE the product wasn’t designed to work the best “inside the animal”

    Excel Supplements Canada​ offers a premium camelina oil, unlike anything else on the market today.


    Camelina oil is a cold-pressed supplement and is also known as “Gold of Pleasure”, “Linseed Dodder, “German Sesame”, “Siberian Oilseed”, “Wild Flax” or “False Flax”. With so many names, Camelina oil may sound confusing. But knowing the attributes of the Camelina Sativa plant may help you get acquainted with ExcelEQ and how it helps your horses (and now Dogs!)

    ExcelEQ is a ONE OF A KIND Omega 3, Vitamin E supplement which includes 9 proprietary Camelina oils that are used in the Excel supplements. This proprietary Camelina oil blend is not available through any other company and is the only supplement tested and approved for livestock in Ontario with the Ministry of Health, giving us the opportunity to offer you something truly unique and special for your horse.

    ExcelEQ supplements have been shown to increase/strengthen:

    • Digestive health (Ulcers)
    • Joint mobility
    • Decrease Nervousness/ improves mental clarity
    • Skin (topically and internally)
    • Wound care
    • Fertility
    • Immune System
    • Adds healthy weight gain to hard keepers.
    • Quicker muscle recovery from exercise
    • Hoof health
    • Coat condition: Shine & Gloss
    • Pulmonary health
    • Fly deterrent – especially around eyes
    • Improvement in exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage by increasing the flexibility of the red blood cell walls decreasing the chance of bleeding during hard exercise.

    Feeding a horse Camelina Oil which is high in Omega 3’s is beneficial in that it:

    • Helps your horse’s joints and connective tissues to heal and recover from the stress of exercise – this improves the recovery rate after training and competition.
    • Promotes a healthy, glossy coat
    • Stronger and faster growing feet useful for horses and ponies prone to laminitis and those with slow growing feet or with feet that are difficult to keep shoes on.
    • Boosts the horse’s immune system
    • Good for respiratory system
    • Can help calm the temperament of excitable horses.
    • Maintains well balanced joints
    • Assists the correct development of the equine nervous system, brain, muscles and skeleton
    • Repairs & maintains cellular walls
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Aids wound healing
    • a healthy heart and blood circulation
    • anti-allergic properties.
    • Encourages a strong metabolism

    For as little as $1.35 day per horse you can get your horse started on ExcelEQ. Order now


    Most every grain on the market as well as alfalfa hay is higher in Omega 6 (pro inflammation) than Omega 3 (anti inflammatory). With ExcelEQ camelina oil you CAN balance out your horses needed Omega 3 and help with a lot of the problems that might arise due to an overdose of Omega 6. More information from this wiki: https://species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Camelina_sativa