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About Excel Supplements Canada

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We are committed to bringing you only the highest quality all natural horse supplements tested and approved right here in Canada. ExelEQ is a premium, all natural equine supplements product that has been approved by Health Canada.

Excel Supplements Canada offer affordable pricing paired with excellent customer service. We strive to help our clients and our distributors of Excel Supplements EQ promote the product and educate the consumer on proper feeding and alert those who don’t know about our product yet and what it can yield.

What sets Excel Supplements Canada apart from other omega competitors?

We use 9 “proprietary” varieties of Camelina Sativa in a balanced blend proven with research and development to give the best results for your equine and canine partners.

We urge you to try our Excel Supplements products today and see for yourself what others are raving about. Take a moment to read our FAQ and then speak to one of our dealers.

Our unique blend of all natural cold pressed oils are unique among other natural plant based sources of Omega-3’s. Excel Supplements contains up to 45% of the Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), and has a 4:1 ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 FAs.

This favorable ratio of Omega-3 FAs helps promote the production of anti-inflammatory compounds which have been proven to help improve overall horse health.

The Vitamin E found in Excel EQ is an antioxidant source for your horse or pet and also stabilizes the oil and gives it a longer shelf life than other products like flax oil. All of this combines to make ExcelEQ Supplements an ideal all-natural source of Omega-3’s and antioxidants for your horses, dogs, and other companions.


Camelina oil is a cold-pressed supplement and is also known as “Gold of Pleasure”, “Linseed Dodder, “German Sesame”, “Siberian Oilseed”, “Wild Flax” or “False Flax”.

With so many names, Camelina oil may sound confusing. But knowing the attributes of the Camelina Sativa plant may help you get acquainted with ExcelEQ and how it helps your horses (and now Dogs!)

About Excel Supplements Canada

ExcelEQ supplements have been shown to increase & strengthen:

  • Digestive health (Ulcers)
  • Joint mobility
  • Decrease Nervousness/ improves mental clarity
  • Skin (topically and internally)
  • Wound care
  • Fertility
  • Immune System
  • Adds healthy weight gain to hard keepers.
  • Quicker muscle recovery from exercise
  • Hoof health
  • Coat condition: Shine & Gloss
  • Pulmonary health
  • Fly deterrent – especially around eyes
  • Improvement in exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage by increasing the flexibility of the red blood cell walls decreasing the chance of bleeding during hard exercise.


Most every grain on the market as well as alfalfa hay is higher in Omega 6 (pro inflammation) than Omega 3 (anti inflammatory). With ExcelEQ camelina oil you CAN balance out your horses needed Omega 3 and help with a lot of the problems that might arise due to an overdose of Omega 6.

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Take a moment to read our testimonials and reviews by customers just like you who love their horses and dogs. We urge you to try our supplement products and see for yourself what others are raving about.


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