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Excel Rescue healing salve

Excel Rescue Salve

Excel Rescue salve helps to heal, protect and restore. Made with all natural ingredients, salve helps to heal skin faster.

ExcelEQ Horse Supplements

ExcelEQ Supplements

ExcelEQ is Canada’s #1 horse supplement with Omega 3 plus natural vitamin E for recovery, performance and vitality.

Excel Supplements K9

Excel K9 Supplements

Excel K9 Supplements has amazing results with plant based ingredients that can help with arthritis, digestion issues, allergies + more!


ExcelEQ is a ONE OF A KIND Omega 3, Vitamin E supplement which includes 9 proprietary Camelina oils that are used in the Excel supplements. This proprietary Camelina oil blend is not available through any other company and is the only supplement tested and approved for livestock in Ontario with the Ministry of Health, giving us the opportunity to offer you something truly unique and special for your horse.

Excel EQ™

Excel Supplements is Canada’s provider of all natural camelina oil supplements offered at affordable pricing. Excel Supplements horse formula, ExcelEQ, provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids & Vitamin E antioxidants to help improve your horse’s coat, body conditioning and overall performance. We urge you to read through our FAQ and the provided information about camelina oils and view our testimonials.

Highest Quality Camelina Oil


UNIQUE BLEND: Look at our ingredients & try to replicate them…you’re not even going to come close. We don’t just have ingredients, we have a ‘ proprietary blend of 9 different #Camelina Varietals, that were developed by our research team. When we added Pumpkin Seed Oil, we upped our ante by providing undeniable digestive care and immune response.
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Excel Supplements is a team made up of scientists & horsemen. Constantly testing and researching the Camelina Seed, discovering how different seeds work best together maximizing the product throughout the Equine & K9 body.

Highest Quality Camelina Oil

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Excel Supplements spends a lot of time and money that other companies just aren’t willing to spend because they think people don’t care to know and are only interested in cost.

We believe that people care what they feed their horses & dogs. Excel Supplements have the highest quality ingredients, so when you feed your animals, you are not just making them healthy with a shiny coat, but you can trust that it works the best inside the body.

You can feed another supplement and not much happens internally BECAUSE the product wasn’t designed to work the best “inside the animal”.

Every animal is a soul blossoming in nature.

Try ExcelEQ Camelina Oil Supplements and see the difference yourself; and please read what our clients have had to say